Wednesday, April 15, 2009

San Cristobal

So far my favorite thing about this island has been getting to meet people. I know, I'm in the Galapagos, the focus is natural beauty. Well, I've been happy to see the volcano rock topography, turquoise water with seals and golden rays swimming past, and frigate birds reeling below clouds. But it's the stroppy American turned Kiwi citizen or the French gal, Virginia on a catamaran that have rejuvenated my spirits. I miss people. I miss relationships. These are what give nature its true beauty. Even the Creator was lonely after speaking his perfect Eden into existence. He made humans to share His masterpiece.

If I couldn't share my pictures of flowers, turtles, and whatever else with you guys, I would take fewer and delight less. But to be able to turn to a friend, spouse, the Creator, or stranger and say, "did you see that?!" That's the joy.
So, here's some pics. Would you take a look at that beauty! It's even more awesome in real life.
Frigate birds graceful and strong..
Tortoises feisty and irritable and surprisingly quick when food is at hand...
and a jewel of a natural harbor filled to the brim with boats of all types full of people pointing, looking and saying to each other, "that is beautiful."

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