Sunday, October 28, 2007


Hi all,
On Monday morning at 5am we drove the boat from Moss
Landing Harbor to Monterey Harbor. The moon was high
and bright behind speckles of clouds and the water was
as smooth as a mirror. The sky turned pink gradually
and then the sun rose behind some clouds. Large
translucent jelly fish floated by underwater and
pelicans dove for the sardines that were jumping.
Just one of the reasons we're doing what we're doing.

Brian should be done with the solar panel installation
today or tomorrow and, thanks to our good friend
Kevin, we have an outboard for our dinghy. Those two
things mean we are ready to anchor instead of having
to rely on being tied to a dock and plugged in to
shore power.

thanks for all of your notes!

Monday, October 15, 2007


"Velcro consists of two layers: a "hook" side, which is a piece of fabric covered with tiny plastic hooks, and a "loop" side, which is covered in equally tiny plastic loops. When the two sides are pressed together, the hooks catch in the loops and hold the pieces together. When the layers are separated, the Velcro strips makes a telltale ripping sound. . . .The strength of the Velcro bond depends on how well the hooks are embedded in the loops and the nature of the force pulling it apart. . . " (
We are hooks, and you our friends, supporters are loops. Your gifts of time, cards, questions, money,care,pull us to you at the same time our departure pulls us apart. I have felt more connected and loved and surrounded than ever before. You are all embedded in our lives and there are telltale ripping sounds.

Monday, October 8, 2007

one more week

Brian and I have been working at our separate lists which are totally different but crucial. e. g. Brian has installed new batteries and I took a 3 1/2 hour trip to CostCo for supplies. We are exhausted and have been sick and the are looking forward to spending time together when we leave.
There is definitely a realization that our departure is impending but thoughts are sparse since all mental energy is directed to packing more stuff into the boat than I ever felt was possible. I know I'll regret not getting to see people this week but even when Lisa stopped by yesterday I couldn't even hold a conversation, so people aren't missing out on too much.