Monday, April 13, 2009

Land Ho!

Brian has been reading a biography of the historical U.S. president, John Adams. Its amazing how much more educated those people were than us. Their vocabular and grammar are outstanding. Brian has been speaking in their lingo. when I cried "land ho" yesterday, he promised me 50 shillings. Im still waiting to receive them.
Nevertheless, we arrived and anchored right before sunset last night. We were instantly boarded by the port captain and a local "agent" who is required to drive you around and make photocopies for you at the huge price of 80$. Yup, another country that has adopted the U.S. dollar as its currency. We got a whole bunch of sleep and came to town with our agent, Bolivar. Who courteously allowed us to pay the taxi bills. We´re now officially checked in and about 200 dollars poorer. The town is geared to tourists, clean, cute, and lots of stuff available. It reminds us of a latinized Monterey. Brian is excited because, as reported, there are two surf breaks in sight from our anchorage. We'll save all the tour types of exploring till Kristin and Justin get here but even so there´snorkeling around the corner, an interpretive center, and the ever present boat chores to keep us busy.

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