Tuesday, April 7, 2009

dodging container ships

Well, we're 12 hours into our longest ocean voyage ever. 692-ish miles in one fell swoop. We had great sailing for the first five hours and then as the wind continued to ease we took down the sails and turned on the engine. Our course is approximately 210 degrees.

For the past couple of hours we've been spotting massive container ships cris-crossing our route. They are all headed toward Panama or away, west up the Central American coast. I'm glad we get to pass this area during the day. At night they seem a bit more ominous.

So, how do we intend to pass the time? Other than dodging large vessels, we have lots of books to read, stainless steel stanchions to polish, bread to bake, weather to download, and cruising guides to peruse. And, Brian is always tinkering with sail trim or tightening this or that turnbuckle. Last night it was calm enough for me to get out my saxophone and play for a while. Fishing will get added to the list as soon as we eat up our Red Snapper packages tucked in the freezer. No sense in catching another fish when we have a couple pounds already.

As always, at the beginning of a passage, I'm lethargic and prone to queasiness. My priorities at this point are to eat mild food and stay hydrated. I planned ahead for this state by baking oatmeal cookies, quiche and making up a big batch of Ginger Sesame Noodle Salad. That way, my poor husband won't starve to death before I feel like cooking again.

The Galapagos Islands (also known as the "Archipelego de Colon") has two Islands called the Daphne Islands. Daphne Major and Daphne Minor are their names. One more really cool reason to visit...my sister is there! Other reasons to visit are the pink flamingos, large land iguanas, lava tubes (I can't wait to walk through one...Don't worry Mom, they're not active-they wouldn't be tubes if they were), and the gathering of other cruisers on their various routes through the South Pacific that meets up in the Galapagos.

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