Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Kristin and Justin arrived on Monday.  Yippee.  We have taken a hike, snorkeled a couple times, photographed a million sea lions and gone to a beach with large black marine iguanas sunning themselves on black volcanic rocks.  Today we went up to a rural reserve that is being privately re-populated with native plants by international volunteers who also cultivate their own produce to eat and eradicate invasive species.
Brian took Justin surfing early yesterday right before a massive swell hit.  Our previously calm pleasant anchorage has turned into a weeble wobble playground with the masts of boats swinging wildly back and forth as the huge swells move through.  Last nights sleep was a bit uncomfortable as a result. 

Tomorrow we´re taking a ferry to Santa Cruz Island to view things that aren´t on this island.  We´ll get to sleep in a hotel tomorrow night... no weeble wobbles. hurrah.

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