Thursday, April 9, 2009

Over half way!

As of some time early on Thursday morning we passed the half way point to the Galapagos. Fewer than 340 miles to go now! We should arrive at San Cristobal island some time on Sunday.

The last few days have been amazing sailing. In general over 5 knots per hour of progress and often 7.2 knots. It feels like we're in a little space ship cutting through the water powerfully. It's weird to have Nomad take care of herself (hurrah for autopilots: we use the CPT wheel pilot when motoring and our Windpilot servopendulum auxiliary rudder when sailing) and allow us to cook, read, watch the water flow by, write emails, sew....Right now, Brian is sewing a hoist harness for our outboard motor. It will make it easier to lift the outboard on and off the dinghy.

Yesterday we spotted for the first time a couple of red-billed tropic birds with a long string looking thing off their tails. Also, we saw two Nazca Boobies. They're pretty. The day before we went through acres of clear and brownish jelly fish. I caught one in a bucket so I could watch it pulsing for a couple of minutes.

The weather is getting more pleasant and at night a long sleeved shirt and my pajama pants are needed against the cooler air. We're doing a 3-3-2-2 watch schedule. I take the first shift from 8pm to 11pm while Brian sleeps. Then we switch for 3 hours and I'm back on again for two hours and I sleep my second shift from about 4 - whenever I wake up. Brian has been getting about 5 hours that way and I get up to 7. We nap too throughout the day, as needed.

Our red bananas all came ripe today. Yippee. They make great 4-bite snacks.

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