Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No Worries

Hi all.
Thank you for the many outpourings of concern about our safety.  We are not in Samoa where there are sadly, 40 people already reported dead. 
However, there was a tsunami warning for Fijian waters.  It was supposed to arrive at 9am or so local time.  We heard about the warning at about 10am local time by shamelessly eavesdropping on a conversation on the VHF radio.  The warning was cancelled before 9am but we didn't hear about  the cancellation until about 2 this afternoon while waiting for the customs office to open so we could clear in to this port. 
All is well for us.  Pray for the people in Samoa!


a n n a said...

Meghan & Brian,

Thank you for the update--Vu and I immediately thought about you and we hope and pray for your safety always. We are glad you are safe.

Jim and Jean said...

We just now found your blog and the way to comment, but we have still kept you in our prayers. Megan, I like how your mother described the prayers as a tapestry, and I add, holding you securely before the throne of God. It is certainly true that you two have been blest to be a blessing to others. You may never know on this earth how your lives have impacted the lives of countless others. So may you continue to go with God!
Jim and Jean Matthews