Sunday, September 13, 2009

passage poem

Inter Tropical Convergence Zone Blues

Lurching, tossed side to side
Thunked by waves
Sitting, eyes closed, waiting for nausea to diminish
Rain rain rain
Nomad slides starboard
yanks to port
Abrupt Stop.
jerks back
rock rock rock sliiiide lurch

That about sums up the last week of passage. We're hoping to arrive at a quiet marina in Apia Western Samoa in 2 days time.
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Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed reading your postings, Megan. I pleasantly picture you on some exotic island----but this rocking and rollin' on the boat doesn't bring a good picture at all. Sure hope the rough waters come to an end and you have a more gentle ride into your next island. You should really enjoy Am. Samoa----I've heard so much about it. It was there that my younger brother Dave (the ones who live in New Zealand) started and led YWWAM for a couple years then took his brand new bride back and they lived there for a few more years. I also was good friends with a Samoan at SCC (Vangard). He returned to Samoa and has been a leader in the government. I can't remember his full name but he went by Lani in those days.

We're praying for you and hoping you'll continue to enjoy your travels. Lots of love and hugs, Peg