Friday, September 25, 2009


Thursday the 24th of September never existed for us. We sailed into the evening of Wed 23rd and sailed out of the night into the morning of Friday, the 25th. The International Dateline is located at 180 degrees of longitude but didn't receive the fanfare we gave the crossing of the equator.

We like Fiji! All official paperwork for this port was finished in two hours instead of the entire day and a half combined for checking in and out in Samoa. We have a cruising permit for all islands in Fiji except the Lau group which has rural communities. We don't have time to visit there this trip anyway.

There are lots of Indians here. At least 50 50 Indians to Samoans in Savu Savu. They add a feeling of energy to the town we're in and it's not even very large. Lautoka (the second largest city in Fiji, our next major destination) must be BUSTLING. Lots of smiley people.

Bula is the word of greeting and we hear it often and in many places. This morning, walking down the street, an older gentleman gave me a "Bula bula" from across the road. I'm happy I'm here.

Savu savu is on the Eastern edge of 12 mile wide bay that has green zigzaggey hills climbing up from the edges. Sailboats on moorings are out in front of the town which appears to be next to river because a small island lies opposite its banks. So we're quite protected and cozy with gentle cool breezes blowing and Indian music floating the short distance from the mainstreet along the shore, to our home.

We'll leave tomorrow (Sunday) and do short day hops between many reefs and tiny islands until we get to Lautoka.

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