Sunday, September 6, 2009

departing French Polynesia

English Speaking Samoa, here we come! We've been busy the last week and I haven't written much but we have a 10 day passage ahead of us so I should be able to fill in the blanks about dancing, hikes and boat life. As it is, the flurry of weather talk on the cruiser radio nets has culminated and finally subsided in direct correlation to the wind. Looks like the weather has settled down and our change of plans to go the northerly route to Fiji via Western Samoa appears to be the right choice. The southerly route, we had previously planned to take through Tonga, is still fraught with clashing weather systems. Also, the more we hear about Western Samoa, the happier we are to be going there. Brian even received an email from a surf guide he met who is currently in W. Samoa saying, 'the waves are great'. Another cruiser also told us that the people in Samoa are warm and happy and that the culture is more similar to how it was before the white men came to Polynesia. We shall see.

We just talked to our friends, Dan and Joan, on the sailboat Mainly, moored directly behind us here in Bora Bora. They are leaving to the Cook Islands today as well. So, we should be in close contact during the time our paths overlap. It's nice to be traveling at the same time as friends. It makes the vast waters seem less lonely.

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busycorner said...

Your friend is probably correct. "more like Polynesia before the white man"

The Independent State of Samoa (that's its real name) is listed by the United Nations as a "most least developed nation". The majority of its revenue comes from offshore remittances.

One word of caution. No sewer treatment and the water is doubtful.

There are some nice beaches