Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Over half way!

Tuesday, May 12 some time mid-day, we crossed the half-way point!! This is indeed a good feeling! The rain has stopped. Nomad is clean again. Today, the sky is again filled with an abundance of small white fluffy clouds, the wind is plentiful and the sideways rolling continues unpredictable yet constant. Even so, we're over half way! Hula skirts here we come. Just kidding, I don't think they wear grass clothing anymore, but I hear many people wear hibiscus flowers tucked behind the ear. I hope so.

Two nights ago we saw a massive living river of dolphins from far off of our starboard and headed across and in front of us. They got closer and closer and soon the mass of leaping, arching, splashing creatures could be seen on in front of our bow and to port but still they came. For over 5 minutes the river poured in front of us and away into the sunset. There were certainly over 1000 animals. Based on my book, I'm guessing they were Pan-Tropical Spotted Dolphins. Whatever kind they were, they were in a hurry and yet having a good time flinging themselves into the air. They remind me that all is well.

We continue to have lots of time to read. Here's a quote from Abba's Child by Brennan Manning. He's quoting a guy named John Cobb:

The spiritual man can love only…when he knows himself already
loved in his self-preoccupation. Only if man finds that he is already accepted in his sin and sickness, can he accept his own self-preoccupation as it is; and only then can his psychic economy be opened toward others, to accept them as they are -not in order to save himself, but because he doesn't need to save himself. We love only because we are first loved.

I'm praying that this is internalized in me, and doesn't stay just a pretty thought.

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Anonymous said...

I love this quote! What a fundamental truth. I also enjoyed Brian's description of the mast climbing. Now that it is all over and everyone is safe of course!