Sunday, May 24, 2009

140 miles to go!

Wow, it doesn't seem like the end of this leg of the journey could possibly be almost over. At times it has seemed overwhelmingly interminable, at other times the days have zipped past. We've gotten good wind for the last 12 hours and I can imagine God up there with his wind bellows sending out the trade winds. Yesterday's sailing was so smooth that Brian pulled out the sewing machine and finished sewing his hoisting harness for the outboard motor. We'll be all set when we get there.

It's been encouraging to see boobies and frigate birds again. In the middle of the passage all we saw were a handful of what I think were a type of petrel. Boobies and frigates symbolize land to me.

In celebration of Sunday, here's a something Jesus said, "Didn't I tell you that you will see God's glory if you believe?" John 11:40 I hope you all see God's glory this week. When I think about this quote I realize that God's glory isn't always fireworks and bright lights. In fact, most of the ways I've seen God on this trip have been in almost unnoticed ways, except they were supernatural. For example: Every day for the year before we left Santa Cruz, I worried and experienced anxiety about "THE CROSSING" of the Pacific. It was an insurmountable emotional turmoil. Even so, we left and I told God that if I was to go on "THE CROSSING" he had to make it doable for me. In the weeks in Panama leading up to our departure, I had only the occasional twinge of doubt about our ability to accomplish this large distance of empty ocean. And now, during the dreaded crossing, the only (very valid) concern has been to stay safely on Nomad. And so, I have seen God's glory. I've enjoyed many parts of the trip I felt would be abominable and emotionally impossible.

Other news: Our GPS is working fine. Brian has spotted Olga twice this week during his night shifts.

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