Saturday, May 2, 2009

137 nautical miles

We left San Cristobal at 2:35pm yesterday and the currents and wind brought us a fine run of 137 nautical miles in our first 24 hours. For an area that is known frequently as the doldrums this is a very good start. We motored a bit but right now we're sailing under all sails at around 6 knots. I've been queasy and lethargic all day but that's to be expected.

I wasn't lethargic when I saw our handline had a fish on it about an hour ago. I reeled in a 5 to 6 pound dorado. They are a golden yellow color with blue polkadots. Their aqua blue fin starts at the top of their blunt head and runs most of the way down their backs. They are not only beautiful but YUMMY. The restaurants call them mahi mahi but most fisherpeople call em dorados. Either way, we're busting out the wasabi and soy sauce tonight.

Only 2820 or so miles left to Fatu Hiva, Marquesas.

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