Friday, May 15, 2009

California Time Zone

Yesterday we passed through longitude 117 degrees. This is the same longitude as San Diego. We have finally worked our way far enough west to enter the same time zone as California. When we left Panama we were more or less longitude (and time zone) as Kansas. In the Galapagos we were below Colorado and now we only have one more time zone to cross and we'll be in the Marquises.

We've been under way for exactly 2 weeks today. Phew. That means were about 2/3 finished. Looking forward to those big solid rocks to hike around on.

The wind was weird and twitchy yesterday. Changing direction, changing strength. Brian was like a monkey running around the boat pulling things, climbing things, changing sails, trying various combinations of preventers, etc. Last night, the wind made up its mind and settled back in from the East at a pretty good clip, about 20-25 knots. We were making great time most of the night and morning. I wonder what will happen next. At least we have some homemade oatmeal cookies to munch on while we wait.

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