Thursday, August 1, 2013

Flossie fizzles and Nomad prepares for departure

Well, the anticlimactic Flossie was a relief.  The night she was supposed to hit we lashed our sails down, tied the dinghy on deck and after sitting around with 10 kt winds, decided to barbecue.  We had a relaxing calm evening and a full night of sleep with no anchor watch required. **an anchor watch = when a big storm is blowing, someone stays awake to make sure that the boat anchor isn't slipping or dragging the boat toward other boats, rocks, or shore **  The next morning there were some 20kt gusts and a few sprinkles of rain. Later that afternoon, there was lots and lots of rain to fill up the tanks with delicious cloud-filtered water. 
Thank you to all who prayed for our safety.  It worked.

Eloise and I are now home in Santa Cruz. Brian and Mike are preparing to leave Hanalei Bay tonight or tomorrow morning.  Commander Weather is a weather routing service for boats.  They have given a very favorable forecast and travel plan for the next week. 

Any one interested in seeing Nomad's progress towards California may go to this link: 

Scan down the list of reporting boats for WDD9776 (that's Nomad's call sign). Then click on the "track" link to the right.  Brian has not posted yet but will begin soon.

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