Monday, August 12, 2013


It has been a busy 10 days since Nomad departed Hanalei Bay, Kauai bound for Santa Cruz.  He and Mike have since caught over 2 dozen Mahi Mahi (released more than 6 of them).  They have canned most of what they brought on board using the pressure cooker and old-fashioned canning jars.  They are now releasing all Mahi Mahi so that they have enough jars left to can the Albacore they are hoping to encounter in the cooler waters.  As happy as they are about the fish bonanza, Brian's email yesterday sounded pretty pleased about cooking the first of two frozen chickens aboard.

Over the last few days, Nomad has encountered a lot of debris in the ocean, mostly fishing gear, including the coveted Japanese glass fishing balls.  They have chased a few of these around with the boat, and finally caught one!  Mike generously declared that it is for Eloise.  They are making good time but have had to motor for the last 6 days.  They might soon have to conserve fuel for the end of the passage, and just bob slowly along until the wind picks up.

Two days after returning to California, Eloise and I joined my sister, brother, their families and my mom for a 4 day camping trip in Northern California.  Despite scrapes, sickness, squabbles and late nights the cousins all got along and the adults had a good time at Indian Scotty Campground outside of Yreka.

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