Monday, July 29, 2013

Tropical Storm Flossie

Yup, about a week ago, Brian was joking with his Gorge friend, Ron, that there's no way we'd encounter a tropical storm in Hawaii since they rarely occur here.  However, it IS hurricane season, and the last storm was in the 90s.. so I guess it was time.  Now, here we are checking weather VERY regularly since Friday when Mike noticed Flossie heading this way.  We are still anchored in Hanalei Bay, Kauai.  The sand bottom of the bay is very good holding.  At this point Flossie appears to be weakening and we are not expecting seriously high winds. Nevertheless we are taking many precautions and awaiting the weather that may arrive. Today's weather has had many rain showers and not much wind.  We even brought Eloise to the beach to play and dig a huge water catcher hole in the sand with Daddy.  Lots of people were "sunbathing" in the rain.  It was a weird scene.  All is calm currently and going well as Brian and Mike lash loose things to the boat.  Tonight and tomorrow morning are the closest encounter we are predicted to have.  Our number one is to be safe, of course, and our number two hope for Flossie is that she will dump enough rain for us fill water tanks and not to have to schlep jerry jug cans back and for the to the beach.  We'll give you updates.

Yesterday, we zipped around the corner to "Tunnels" a known surf spot with a protecting reef for anchoring behind.  We got in some snorkeling and our first fish caught on this trip. Eloise was ecstatic when Mike pulled in a 12 inch lizard fish with pale golden yellow and blue markings.  She didn't mind that we released him after she got to pet him. 

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