Sunday, August 23, 2009


I went to the local protestant church which was conducted in Tahitian and has a cappella congregational singing interspersed throughout the service. It makes me want to get to heaven right away. The harmonizing that lifts and lulls, the echoes on the high vaulted ceiling painted the color of the summer sky, the strange tongue put me right at the throne of God with the full congregation of the saints. I imagined I was standing next to Grandma Krake. Brian came about 10 minutes before the service ended. He'd been surfing and came when he got back. He got to hear 2 songs and the Lords Prayer (we think that's what it was) spoken by the whole crowd.
After church walked around the marina and kept spotting old plastic kayaks and old windsurfers. Brian has been trying to buy one since last year in Mexico. We saw two in a pile covered with an old sail and asked a kid about it. He was French but spoke enough English to tell us the yellow one was for sale. We bought it off his dad for 5000 Pcf's. Brian paddled it back to the boat, quite happy. Now we have a "kayak" and a paddle board and a windsurf board for whenever Brian can find a new mast to replace the one that snapped while it was being our fill-in whisker pole.

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Anonymous said...

We love reading your posts and look forward to what you are going to write next. Love to both of you.
Tarak and Eileen