Monday, August 10, 2009

Moorea to Huahine

Ia Orana, (Hello)
Our boat friends picked us up from the boat today to have a look-see in Fare, the town we're now anchored in front of. We arrived here this morning after our overnight passage from Moorea. Joan and Dan were already anchored here and offered to drive their dinghy since ours is still tied onto the front deck. A downpour started just as we pulled away from Nomad. OOPS gotta go back to close the hatches and hide from the 5-minute gusher. We made it to the dock and the first store before the next sky bucket was turned over on us. After that one we spent the 10 minutes to do a circuit through the small town in the fierce sun.
Huahine is known for having been the central location of most Polynesian maritime excursions, and having the most revered marae (native temple) back in that same time period of hundreds of years ago. Nowadays it's known to have a few very very good waves for surfing, and some very intense protective local surfers, unwilling to share "their" wave. Up to this point, the Polynesians have been exactly the opposite of that about waves. Brian has been greeted with handslapping and smiled at in the line ups. When the swell hits, tomorrow, he'll find out how accurate the rumors are about this place.

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