Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Postcard Perfect

Yup, we're anchored in the ultimate South Seas postcard photo. Twenty feet of clear turquoise water and sand below us. The water changes color about 30 yards away to a color I can't describe very well. It's a pale pale creamy green over white sand surrounding two small palm covered motus, one of which has palm thatched cottages on pilings over the water. In the distance behind the tops of the palms, stand the peaks of Bora Bora. In between the two motus is a snorkeler's paradise. It's called the Coral Garden. Coral heads in purples, maroons, lavenders, yellows and whites. Fish in stripes, spots, solids of velvet black, neon blue, silver, butter yellow, maroon, and canary yellow flutter and fly around, ducking into crevasses or staring snorkelers cross-eyed they get so close.

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