Monday, March 2, 2009


Well, just when we want to leave extra blockades have arisen.
The items which we are awaiting from the U.S. are in Panama but the shipping company is holding them hostage for fees which we aren't supposed to pay. They claim we are importing goods into Panama. We claim we are a yacht in transit (this is a legal term) and are only replacing existing parts on our boat. We believe we're exempt. Still in process. We'll see what happens.

Also, our beautiful brand new Yamaha outboard is having problems. The bottom of the foot is leaking gear oil. NOT supposed to happen. Actually this same thing happened the first week we bought it and they replaced the whole foot for us. It's frustrating. We thought we were buying a sturdy, unstoppable piece of machinery. Not so confident in our purchase any more.

On the good side, Brian and I took a day trip up to Boquete and received the services of a Korean acupuncturist. Dr. Han listened to our medical concerns and then went straight to work on us. He also used a technique called moxibustion. Some spongey plant material is pinched off and placed next to the point of the needle and then ignited! This is supposed to stimulate the immune system. Here's a link
Brian's take on the treatment was, "I don't think I'd let him burn me again." It hurt! .. and we have funny marks on us. The treatment seems to have helped the pain in my hands but Brian's sciatic pain is still quite uncomfortable.

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