Saturday, March 14, 2009

casting off the docklines

At LONG last.  We untied Nomad from the dock yesterday, drove her about 100 yards away, and anchored.  The engine is running quietly, smoothly and no large clouds of white smoke (like before) so we are pleased with the outcome of our prolonged fuel pump recalibration and all the brand new oil cooler. 

 After anchoring, we took the bus to the State Fair and walked around with a new cruiser acquaintance whose French name I'm not about to try to spell.  It was loud, lots of cotton candy, popcorn, shishkabobs, cowboys, lots of disco bars, lots of rides (which Brian refused to try-too rickety looking),  and trinket shops. 

Tomorrow we leave the land of wi-fi public transportation, and large supermarkets to rejoin the water of crystal-clear snorkeling, surf breaks, isolated jungle anchorages. 

It has been 6 weeks and we've been happy to meet locals, get Nomad all fixed up (I finished the stackpack!!!  Pictures to come).  But now we are even happier to leave.  We plan to spend about 3 weeks in the Panamanian islands ( Isla Gamez, Islas Secas) and some really cool surf spots Brian has heard about. 

From now on, I will not be emailing updates.  Instead, I'll be updating my blog via radio email. If you want to stay tuned, please use the "Subscribe to" button up above.

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