Friday, February 13, 2009

where are all the iguanas?

up until a couple of days ago, I'd been wondering where the iguanas and other wildlife might be. Anchored in a mangrove estuary there should be plenty of iguanas in trees or basking on the mud flats. Nothing. Brian saw one, slowly making his way across the muddy flat exposed next to the marina parking lot at low tide. He pointed it out to me and I watched it and took pictures. Soon, we heard shouts and excitement outside. A few of the marina workers had spotted our handsome reptile. Soon they were lobbing fist sized rocks at the iguana. They were all very bad aims. One narrowly missed and all the rest were wildly off. The iguana made it to the edge of the water and dove in. Still the 8 - 12 men gathered around didn't lose interest. They called over two men in a small dugout canoe that were paddling by. For half an hour, men called back and forth to look in one place or the other. Then the iguana was spotted again. He'd crawled under a pier. The excitement was on. The whole time, Brian and I were secretly rooting for the big creature. Only after an hour of futile hunting did people finally disperse.

Now I know why I haven't seen much wild life. It's all being hunted and eaten! I guess I should have put the facts together when the security guard told me how delicious the peccaries were that they catch in the mangroves.

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