Monday, February 9, 2009


We have been in David, Panama for 9 days. Almost every single one of those days has been spent researching items on the internet or taking the bus to town to hunt down desired items.

Items I'm looking for are all related to food, medicine, or navigation. Finding food items without MSG is very difficult. MSG is in campbell's soup, soy sauce, powdered soup mixes, sausage, Chef Boyardee products, bags of chips, etc. Even "natural" foods have it sometimes.

Brian's searches all have to do with the engine. Spare parts, engine lubricants, gaskets, tubes, pumps, and other things I don't even know.

In the evenings, around 6pm we stop what we're doing and pull some cold drinks out of the fridge. We lower our dinghy into the water and go for an evening drive up and down the various fingers of the river/estuary we are in. This is instead of an evening stroll. The town next to the marina isn't very pleasant to walk in.
That's a glimpse of our daily life lately.

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