Tuesday, February 17, 2009

how much olive oil?

My mind is full of question after question, these days.  How much olive oil do we use per month?  How many pounds of flour will I need between here and Fiji? How many pounds of rice?How many trinkets should I buy to give to kids in the South Pacific? How much produce will I be able to keep from rotting before we can eat it?  Will the sail repair supplies, charts of the S. Pacific, and spare parts for the motor arrive before we have to leave? Is my First Aid cabinet stocked with enough prescriptions? Will I have to give Brian stitches at some point? I hope not! 

When I get to the check out counter of any of the 5 grocery stores I've studied like a cop on his beat, I feel apologetic.  I have regularly spent more money on 2 overflowing carts of canned goods and cartons of juice or milk than the check-out clerk makes in 2 weeks.  And there's more food to buy! Yet, slowly, slowly, I'm filling the cupboards on Nomad and moving things around to fit more packages. 

Our visa expires here in 11 days.  We've accomplished many of the projects we wanted to and have a few left.  If only the strong winds would stop long enough for Brian to paint the boom!  Once that's done, we can get started on my "sail taco" (a sail cover built onto the boom that allows easier dousing of the main sail).  Brian's sacroiliac joint in his lower back has been giving him a lot of pain.  Despite his sister's consultations over the phone, we can't adjust him in a way that gives long term relief.  So, we're off to a doctor this afternoon.

I've been reading our cruising guides, sailors' blogs and some books about the S. Pacific.  Finally, I know that Fatu Hiva and Hiva Oa are in the Marquesas, and Raritonga is in the Tuomotus.  I figure, the more I know about our trip, the less anxious I'll be.  I'm especially excited about the Marquesas island where they make a traditional "tapa cloth" which are designs on bark fabric.  The colors in the designs are made by roots and leaves of trees. 

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