Thursday, November 20, 2008


There's an American woman that gives free yoga classes near the marina. I try to go twice a week. It's held in an empty store front of a hotel owned by an American lady named Liz. Liz comes to yoga. So does Nube, her little white poodle. (Nube means "cloud"). Today, Liz placed her mat in a different location than usual and Nube, whose eyes aren't nearly as good as the rest of her faculties sat on the yoga mat of another lady who was sitting where Liz usually sits. After a few minutes, Nube realized her mama wasn't next to her and wandered around approaching each yogini, sniffing and appearing more and more distressed after each wrong one. Finally, Nube approached her real mom, Liz, sniffed her and started jumping up and down as Liz petted her. Really. She jumped up and down twice and wiggled and wagged her tail, laid down against Liz and relaxed.

The beauty of belonging to someone. I don't appreciate often enough that I belong to my Creator. That I belong to my husband, as he belongs to me. That I belong to each of my friends and family and am part of their lives. If I could not find them, what would cause me to jump up and down?

I'm feeling grateful today.

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