Monday, November 10, 2008

cooler weather and starting a business

Huatulco is enjoyable this time of year!  the breezes are cool, and there's plenty of them.  Bright yellow butterflies and monarch butterflies swirl around and the humidity has dropped considerably.  As an added bonus, there's good swell around for Brian when he isn't working too hard. 

Last week, Brian mentioned to a captain on a sailboat that I was getting ready to repair our mainsail.  Within an hour, I was hired! His sail had ripped and he needed to leave town right away.  So, I spent 3 days sewing his sail and earned a nice bit of cash and, in so doing, I've accidentally started a sail shop.  I've received more work than I could have drummed up than if I'd advertised!  People walk by, see me sewing, and bring me my next piece to repair.  I am using an empty room at the marina so I'm quite visible.  This work, and selling a few things we don't need, is just what we needed to bolster the bank account. 

Brian is re-doing our cockpit with sanding, puddying, and painting. 

Despite all the work, we're taking time to meet and visit with people in the mornings and evenings.  Tomorrow, we're going bird-watching (Carol, I'll tell you all about it) with a couple that is quite knowledgeable about birds. 

We are also reading and quizzing people about El Salvador and Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.  We're headed to those places pretty soon. 
Take care, Friends!

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