Thursday, April 10, 2008


Hi people.We are anchored in a small bay called Bahia
de Buffadero (that means "snorter" in Spanish- there's
a large blowhole in a rock in front of the town). The
best part of this place is that Rio Nexpa (a good surf
break) is a short dinghy ride around the corner to the
North. It is a very long walk, however. I think I
lost 10 pounds yesterday walking about 5 miles (2 of
it in soft sand) in 85 degree weather and high
humidity. Luckily there was a sea breeze and a palapa
(palm branch roofed shade area) when we got there. We
only had to walk half of the way back because Brian
met a local high school aged surfer, Ismael, who had a
truck and picked us up on his way back to town. Some
of our favorite things lately have been interactions
with locals. A few days ago in a different anchorage,
we saw something green on the rudder of our boat which
sits right at the water line. We got close enough to
tell that it looked like an iguana with a small horn
on it's nose. 2 hours later we left the boat and it
was still there. There were some fishermen in their
boat nearby and we asked them about it because we
didn't know iguanas could swim. They confirmed our
guess and told us they were good for food. I told
them they were welcome to have him so they went over
and picked him off the back of our rudder and held him
up. He was handsome! Bright green, well-placed tiny
horns on his nose and head, 3-foot long tail. This
got us in to a short and enjoyable conversation with
Chuy, the man who removed him from our boat. Along
with the animals and interactions with locals, we
continue to have projects, projects, projects on the
boat. We have about 1000 more nautical miles (total of
about 10 entire days of sailing if we were to do it
all at once) to go before we get the boat to Puesto
del Sol Marina in Nicaragua, where we'll leave Nomad
for the summer. Before we leave Mexico we hope to get
a 2-day trip inland somewhere in the state of Oaxaca
to visit ruins, etc. If any of you knows of neat
places to go, we'd love to have some tips. Hope to
see most of you this summer!Megan

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