Sunday, April 6, 2008


I have stubbed three different toes today. What else have I done? People back home wonder how we spend our time. I also wonder where all of our time goes. Here are our occupations.

Yesterday and today, Brian spent a large amount of time replumbing the head so that it has a vented loop. The goal of this endeavor is to convince our toilet to not breathe like Darth Vader with a chest cold while we are under way. During this time, I was cooking meals, sewing patches on the sail cover, tinkering with our windscoop to facilitate better air flow through the boat, and organizing cabinets for improved accessibility (it needs to be done frequently as we use things up, discover things we do or don't use all the time, etc.).
This morning Brian went to say hello to people on another boat and ended up taking the fellow, his dinghy and non-functioning outboard motor to town for the motor to be fixed. While in town he has instructions to purchase more flour and some fruit. I have spent the last 5 hours sewing seams on a sail where the old thread has rotted away. While sewing I took a break to hoist Brian up the mast so he could clean some connecters on our radio antenna (to promote better transmission and reception of signals).

In the mornings we often read and then listen to the Single Side Band radio for the weather report. In the evenings we stay home and play Scrabble, watch slide shows of the pictures we've taken recently, visit people on other boats, walk around in town (last night we splurged and ate a dinner at a restaurant - yay! No cooking to heat up the boat) or do more boat projects.

Books being read on a fairly regular basis on Nomad:
The Message Bible
World Cruising Routes by Jimmy Cornell
Charlie's Charts of Mexico
The Signature of Jesus
Spanish-English Dictionary
Birds of Mexico and Central America (fully illustrated)
Various yachting magazines
The Surf Report bulletins
Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual
The Women's Book of Yoga and Health
The First Circle (blog on this book forth coming)

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