Sunday, May 4, 2008

unexpecteds, firsts and lasts

Hi friends,
so, the last few weeks have had some interesting
We had our first discovery of maggots in the kitchen
sink. We'd left a couple of dishes with water in them
and while cleaning the sink Brian found the little
critters. The weather is so hot that just a couple of
days of standing water was enough for them to hatch.
That is the last time we leave our dirty dishes in the

An unexpected stroke 3 weeks ago put my last remaining
Grandmother in the hospital and she quickly
deteriorated. Last Thursday I flew to California to
attend her services and be with my family in Humboldt
County. It was a surprise to have to be up here but a
good time with Family.

Since I"m in the country, I've gotten to work for a
few days at Bethany University in the office where my
mother works, adding to the savings account.

My neice's first birthday is May 8th. I get to be here
for her birthday and then I fly home to Nomad and
Brian on May 11.

Another first is Brian's real life surf trip hosted on
Nomad in Mexico. Brian's friend Troy from Santa Cruz
flew down and the two are fishing and surfing like
crazy. They are also trying to retreive one of our
outboard motors from the bottom of the surf zone. Two
days ago, they had to abandon the dinghy as a wave
rolled over them and flipped the dinghy over and over
and over. The dinghy landed on the beach but most
other things in the dinghy did not. I"m glad I wasn't


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