Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Moving On

Hi Everyone, Nomad has officially departed from Punta
Abreojos, leaving behind some good local friends that
were generous with their time, their food, their
belongings and patience (due to our Spanish speaking).
We are about 50 miles South East of them now (I'll be
resuming the yotreps location reports) and will be in
Magdalena Bay within a few days if all goes according
to plan. We saw many whale spouts yesterday on our
trip, along with lots of dolphins and pelicans. The
further south we go, the more cruising sailboats we
will encounter so we are looking forward to meeting
people and hearing their sailing stories.
My current tasks on the boat are putting new mosquito
netting in our window and hatch coverings and resuming
work on the canvas sunshade I'm making. It's
definitely warmer the further south we go. Brian's
current tasks are never-ending: scrubbing the decks a
couple times a week, maintaining the engine, replacing
the thermocupple (spelling?) on our oven, adding
insulation to the refrigerator, etc.
On our trip to California we were entrusted with many
stuffed animals and clothing items to distribute along
our way. We're praying for good opportunities to do
this. We still have most of the school supplies we
started the trip with and are looking for good places
to hand those out as well. We've heard of a potential
school in Magdalena Bay that could be in need of some
things. We'll keep you all updated.

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