Friday, February 22, 2008

Bahia de los Muertos/Suenos

Hi all,
Brian and I are anchored in a Bay (Bay of the Dead)
where wealthy private owners have purchased and built
giant homes on large plots of desert overlooking the
turquoise of the Sea of Cortez and renamed it "Bay of
Dreams". Their are still pangas on the beach
belonging to local fishermen but the closest town is
ten miles away. The weather is a lot warmer and the
water is insanely clear and there are a LOT more boats
(sailboats and power fishing boats) around. All
English speakers. Doesn't feel like we're in Mexico.

We went snorkeling and saw lots of pretty fishes. YAY,
but hardly any coral is growing, not sure why.

We're packing up to go hang out with some friends
(Chris and Siv from Washington) who are at La Ventana
windsurfing a few miles away. We're going to camp on
land. I'm actually realizing how comfortable our
little home is when I imagine tent-camping without a
stove or fridge, etc.

We'll probably head to La Paz early next week whenever
the wind stops blowing from the north. We'll be there
about 2 weeks- planning on receiving a few things from
the states, then head on out. Not really sure where.
We also are planning on connecting with one or two
organizations in La Paz that help kids. We were given
a bunch of clothes and toys to give away along with
the school supplies so we are hoping for good homes
for most of it.
We'll be in internet range most of the time over the
next 2-3 weeks so feel free to email!

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