Friday, February 22, 2008

cactus can be beautiful

Even though I've been a mountain/forest/ land person my whole life (until I met Brian), there are some definite pluses to this journey. I've seen some amazing desert beauty because we seem to be here to see the blooming of almost every scruffy, blue-grey plant around. They are subtle, but the more you look, the more amazing beauty there is.

We've' also seen too many whales to count. The best spot was a few miles south and west of Cabo San Lucas. The sun was setting. The air was gold and warm with a hint of evening cool. I glanced around the water on my way out of the cabin and saw what I thought was an explosion about 400 meters away. Before the white mushroom cloud had disappeared and before I could process the visual info, I saw the front half of a whale projecting up out of the water next to it. Another explosion when that one landed. For the next half hour while the sun was setting we were motoring through about a square mile of whales. Some easy to see and others more distant. Even though we didn't get any more leaping in to the air, but we saw flippers and tails flipping in the air and backs rising and falling in the water. The best was when a small whale and a large one rose together about 100feet off of our bow, spouted and then slowly motored toward us and then sunk about 50 feet from the side of our boat.
Sorry, no photos to prove any of this, I was too busy squeaking and jumping up and down to take any pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Hey that is indeed a beautiful cactus. I just printed off the honey milk balls recipe to print. I was talking to my friend Joy about the book More with Less. She had never ehard about it, but she is talking and thinking about the same things that you are thinking about in response to the book. She and I also talked about some of the curches here in America who are praying for prosperity and healing instead of praying for those who are suffering in poverty. You are not alone in this. Her heart was sad as well that Christians are so rich in relation to the world and yet don't seem to notice that JEsus was about reaching out to the poor.

Here is a quote that I read recently, "Life has taught me that active loving saves one from a morbid preoccupation with the shortcomings of society." Alan Paton