Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ode to Nappy Liners

Another rainy day, another day to wash diapers, and to collect 50 gallons of rain to fill our port side water tank.

So, a nappy liner (aka bio liner, diaper liner) is about the same feel as a dryer sheet, without the perfumes. When poop is deposited into the diaper, it does not smear into the cloth diaper. Instead, the liner contains all consistencies of poop. Changing the diaper consists of lifting out the diaper liner from both ends, dumping it into a garbage can/toilet, and then tossing the diaper into the laundry. No smeared in feces, no scraping with spatulas, etc. A slight poop discoloration is easily rinsed out. These make cloth diapers very practical.

More on the Nomad adventures to come....we are currently in a holding pattern as the
weather is blowing! we've been waiting to head to the Haapai group for the last 4 days and won't be leaving today or tomorrow. Last night 4 of the boats in this anchorage were driving around in 35/40 knot gusts cuz of anchors dragging. It was not a happy sight. We thought highly of our 1300 dollar anchor chain at that point. Eloise missed all the excitement and slept right through the jet turbine noises gusting over the boat.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Megan!! I'm glad the world of nappies is treating you well; thanks for sharing. ;) I've been thinking 'bout you guys and pray you and B and E are well!
Miss you! Skype soon?
love, angel