Monday, June 27, 2011

Neiafu, Tonga

Many people on sailboats come here every year, or stay the year round. They have a cruiser's radio net here on channel 26 every morning at 8:30. In this quiet town with many businesses specifically catering to the needs and whims of cruisers, we can find pretty much anything we want (BACON!), if we're willing to pay. Flat anchorages, internet, laundry service, groceries, fresh produce are the things we've enjoyed so far.

The Vavau group of Tonga is a cruiser's playground. Only about 20 x 20 miles square, there are 40 anchorages (according to the Moorings charterboat literature) in a variety of settings. Not only that, there is a surf spot, humpback whales and babies to see, flying foxes (aka large fruit bats), coral reefs to snorkel, tropical green islands and coves, and plenty of Tongan handicrafts to purchase.

Eloise has enjoyed the large variety of street dogs to wave at and talk to (from a distance), the pigs and chickens wandering around, and the clerks at one of the whale watching shops who like to hold her. She has mastered almost all of the climbing necessary to get to any place in the boat...adding to our need for vigilance. Oops, she's awake.

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