Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Life on the free dock

We're keeping busy. Brian goes surfing in the morning before I'm out of bed. He usually goes to "Big Pass" a couple miles north of Teahupoo, the big daddy surf break. While he's gone, I read or write or bake. When he gets back we do chores. Yesterday I foot-washed some laundry in buckets out on the dock. It's easier on my hands. I just stomp on the clothes barefoot then rotate them, stomp some more then let them soak for a while. Stomp and scrub a bit, then do a rinsing procedure. Brian wrings them all out because my wrists and thumbs hurt with that kind of motion. (Too much typing in the past). Then I hang clothes all over the life lines and the boom and anywhere else I can find. Usually it's a quick dry in the tropical places but yesterday afternoon the clouds rolled in and kept it humid and cool. Today's sunny so the rest of the laundry should be quick.
Brian's been doing some wood projects. He made a small fishing gear storage box on the back of the boat yesterday and today he's working on repairing a drawer that broke during a violent lurch we got out in the ocean a couple months back.
We have to wait around here a little longer than we wanted because Brian's surfboard broke yesterday and he's trying to track down the local man who repairs boards. He has a great reputation but doesn't keep "office hours". As soon as we can, though, we're off to Papeete to get our "zarpe" (official paper saying we left a country) and then off to explore Huahine and Raeitea. They sound much less touristy.

Yesterday, Brian and I went down in the dinghy to watch Teahupoo breaking. It was only a medium day but WOW. It's a very large beautiful barrel of turquoise water that rolls up onto the fringing reef. The sounds of those waves were as loud as a construction site. I'm grateful that Brian only surfs it on small days.

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