Monday, July 6, 2009


I’ve been in California already for 1/3 of my visit home. It’s been a whirlwind. I hope the rest of my two weeks don’t fly this quickly. On the other hand, a lot of visiting, playing and yummy eating (as always with my family) has been fitted in around the occasion of Eben Samuel Huffman’s birth on Monday June 29th.
My quick trip from Papeete Tahiti put me to sleep over French Polynesia and woke me in the skies above Los Angeles. (By the way, Air Tahiti Nui is a great airline: good food, good service). When I called Mom from L.A. she told me Daphne was already starting in labor and as soon as I arrived, at San Jose Airport she’d be whisking me to Grass Valley in hopes of arriving before the baby. It worked. We got to the hospital four hours before he was born.
It still doesn’t quite seem right that there are now four in my sister’s family when before there were three. Naomi also isn’t so sure about this new thing and is requiring lots of hugs and kisses. It’s been nine months since I saw her last. WOW. She talks! She runs! She climbs! She asks questions, kisses “owies”, learns new words, says ‘no’ convincingly and gives the snuggliest hugs ever. And when she smiles and laughs, all is well.
Eben, at 6 days old is not as dynamic, of course but equally miraculous with hands an inch long and sleepy eyes that aren’t sure what to make of his aunt’s polka-dotted dress. I will get to help this family move to Portland, Oregon next week where David (daddy) is starting his masters in Occupational Therapy this fall.
All the while, the Nomad adventure continues on Moorea, the island next to Tahiti. Jeff and Abe are surfing twice a day with Brian, they’re eating well and sleeping early so as to get early a.m. sessions.

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rosa said...

it seems like it's raining babies these days! Congratulations to Daphne, and to you, auntie! Welcome back to aridity....even if only for a little while!