Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Journey Resumes

Brian is returning to Mexico today. Dropped him off at the San Jose Airport with a 100 +pound surf bag containing only one surfboard and lots of gear for the boat. I'm grateful the airport personnel didn't blink an eye, even though it took 3 guys to roll the thing away.

Even though this feels like the resumption of a journey interrupted by a 4 month visit home for us to work, I realize that those four months are as much a part of the journey as our time on Nomad in Mexico. When we got home in June we had about a thousand bucks in our accounts, were both pretty depressed from the isolation and some unresolved conflict, exhausted from working on the boat and ready, very ready to be surrounded by friends, family, and have time away from boat projects. All of this and more we have enjoyed.

Although we've both been working, we feel rested, restored and ready to head back to the journey. The Marriage Encounter weekend we attended on Sept. 27, 28 was the last piece of the preparation. All summer we've been ordering safety gadgets, supplies, charts, and guides to navigation to bring back to the boat. These will be good and we'll be glad we invested the money but I believe our number one investment has been in our marriage and communication skills. We are a better team than any other time in our 6 years of marriage. (If you want to be able to say the same about your marriage, think about attending a Marriage Encounter-they're all over the world:

I'll join Brian in a couple of weeks. I have some more trip preparation and will work a little longer before I head down.

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