Tuesday, October 28, 2008

boat work and more

Hi friends,

It's been a while since I sent out an update but here I am sitting under some shade on the roof of the marina Chahue office catching some breeze and the wi-fi signal. 

I arrived about a week ago to reunite with Brian who flew down earlier to have a surf trip on the boat with some friends.  We've spent my first week here working and sweating with some fun social stuff hanging out with new friends Chris and Gerry in the evenings.  Due to an electrical fire  on board Brian has had to remove engine parts take them to town for repair and do a lot of rewiring and cleaning in the engine room.  I've had my share of cleaning because we have had an infestation of cockroaches (the small ones, thankfully).  All food and cooking utensils have been removed from cupboards, bagged up and put outside on the deck.  I usually pull the food out with one hand and with the other I hold the end of the shop-vac hose to suck up nasty bugs which scurry away as I remove their hiding places.  Very exciting.

On the more pleasant side, Brian has wired in 5 new cabin fans which  make the boat pretty bearable during the day.  Other highlights have been a one day trip to Barra de Navidad which is a 1/2 hour taxi ride from here.  We relaxed, Brian surfed, and we both spoke a lot of Spanish with the locals. 

Tonight we're off on the night bus to the city of Oaxaca.  It's located in the mountains. I'm looking forward to being cold, not working on the boat, seeing some very old ruins, and exploring a city with a lot of Indian culture.  We'll be there during the Dia de Los Muertes festivities.  Should be interesting!

Hope you are all well. 

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