Monday, June 2, 2008

Huatulco, Mexico

We are settled in to Marina Chahue which is a small
Marina in the new town of Huatulco, Mexico. It is a
planned tourist town that was built specifically to
attract tourists, just like Cabo, Cancun, and Ixtapa
Mexico all were. It is however much quieter and
smaller than those places.
Brian and I are working on many projects that were
difficult or impossible to do for the last few months
while we were anchored in various places.
We have taken time off of these projects to play in
the rain (it´s rainy season), swim in the crystal
clear ocean, take a bus north to a rural surf spot,
get to know the other cruisers in the marina, and to
celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary.

One of the highlights lately, was the taxi ride we
took out through rural coconut and papaya fields to
get to the surf camp. Our taxi driver and 6 other
people crammed into his small car and we drove around
dropping people off in small villages en route to the
beach. A couple of miles before getting to the beach
we had to avoid a coconut tree log across the road.
Our taxi driver had an animated conversation with the
log´s cutter and pulled over to the side. "You want
coco?" He asked us. Of course we did. He dug a
machete from under his seat and started whacking
coconuts off of the fallen tree. He opened 2 up and
handed them to us. They were delicious! Next Brian
and the taxi driver helped roll the log to the side of
the road for the tree cutter to chop into smaller
pieces. Soon we were on our way.

We are getting the boat ready to leave it for the next
2 months. We arrive in California on June 15. Brian
will be working with Appko part time and doing side
jobs. I¨ll be working for the same Alternative High
School where i´ve been for the last few years. LOoking
forward to spending time with friends and family!

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