Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cliff Divers of Acapulco

Cliff Diving....ahh. just like it used to be at Casa Bonita restaurant in Denver Colorado when I was a kid. Just kidding. it wasn't much like it except the diving part. No ladies in distress, no gorillas chasing anyone. There WERE street vendors pushing carts of homemade icecream. We walked up to watch the diving from the cheap side of the highway with our binoculars. About 8 different men or boys climbed around on the rocks and dove into a narrow place in between two protruding fingers of the cliff. We found out that not only are they diving from very high up, they are also diving into relatively shallow water. They time their jumps to land when a swell has just come in so that the water will be deep enough.

We were happy to leave Acapulco (see previous post on Thursday May 22) but were glad we saw this the evening before.

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Anonymous said...

megan, this is erin's friend Lisa.
I remember Casa Bonita. I loved that restaurant as a kid. I would ask to go there for special occasions.