Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mexican Waters

Well, we entered Mexican waters at 6:03 am today. To our port and about 3 miles away was a navy warship patrolling and 3ish miles further south was a Mexican Navy boat. Both pacing back and forth on parallel tacks. Very interesting to be playing at war on a morning like this one. The water was as smooth as glass and the engine purring at 1000 rpms pushed waves out of the way that reflected the stars. I was on the 4am till morning shift and I have to say it was the nicest one. The weather was warm enough that I didn't have to be thickly bundled and I sat by our navigation equipment writing in my journal to their glow. After the brown orange to the east wore off, "Los Coronados" a small group of jagged islands were silhouetted in front of the sun. Around the same time a group of 5-7 dolphins started playing in front of our bow. The water was clear enough to see them dive deep after splashing just under our bowsprit. They visited for at least half an hour.

After breakfast of waffles and bacon I got a hot shower (since the engine ran all night);Deyess and Brian changed the head sail and our day looks warm and a little too light on wind to sail without the engine. But very comfortable.

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