Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bahia San Carlos

Daily dolphin sightings haven't lost their delight
yet! We are anchored in Bahia San Carlos, roughly
100miles south of Ensenada. We pulled in and were
anchored by about 8am today. In fact, we could have
been here earlier except that we slowed down in the
night so we could have daylight for the anchoring
process. On shore are a few campers/belonging to
windsurfers/surfers/kiters, one building belionging to
a windsurf camp, and then further in a group of pink,
light blue and plywood colored fish camp shacks.
Steve, we are totally thinking about you right now
since you were just here!! Wish we could see you now.
We landed our dinghy below the fish camp near the
fishermen's launches. Our first touch of Mexican
sand! It's cool except we haven't gotten to meet any
locals yet unless the windsurfers that spend half the
year here count. Let's see, it took us 3 nights and 2
days to get here from Newport and it's a relief to be
off duty for the next day or two. We are in the
process of figuring out the next hop down the coast,
depending on weather and Ron's schedule. The nights
are broken up in to 3 hour shifts which means We each
get at least get at least 6 hour shifts. Having
Deyess on board has been a huge help and makes our
job less exhausting. Night shift has been beautiful (
except for the one foggy night) and quiet which has
meant I've gotten in reading in between checking the
radar and our position. This is no easy thing we've
undertaken and it's actually nice to get some quiet


Russ said...

Ola Amigos! I was forwarded some crazy pictures of the Santa Ana that hit there several weeks ago. Glad you are having good weather!gigzp

Andrew from PG said...

Glad to hear that things are going well. It's great to read your updates. I cant wait for more pictures--especially the surf.