Friday, September 28, 2007

2ish weeks to go

People keep asking us, "when are you leaving?" It's
been somewhat comforting to be able to respond that we
don't know for sure or that it's about 6 months or
that we have a flexible date, or that we'll leave when
we're as ready as we need to be. These responses
relieved pressure and made departure less startling.
Well, today we set a date. I'm already emotionally
starting to dig my heels in. I want ot add a day or
argue that we'll need to do this so we'll have to
wait. The ironic thing is that we are really ready to
be done preparing to leave. So I thought it would be
a relief to know we really are leaving, Now I've
vascillated from the hurry up and get out of here
feeling to the wait, I'm going to be sad feelings. I
accept this is part of change and in order to see new
places we have to walk away from the known.

So, October 16 it is. 18 days to get the list items
crossed off.

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