Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tally Ho

Based on weather reports we've received, tomorrow morning the wind will have switched to the SE. That means it is time to leave Tonga. We checked out officially from Tonga two days ago but the weather didn't suit so we have spent the time doing chores, visiting beaches, visiting a local couple on the island of Lape, snorkeling, and trying to catch the spits of rain and funnel them into our water tanks. I've been planning meals and baking bread to freeze for easy snacks en route.

Our nephew, Justin, arrived on Monday and will help us cross to Fiji. In exchange, we're hoping to provide him with some fun kiteboarding when we arrive, and some good sailing experience. We are very very thankful to all family and friends that generously filled Justin's bags with things for us. Malo! (thank you in Tongan)

Kolio and Tala, a warm friendly couple from Lape offered us papaya, bananas, drinking coconuts, and some delicious breadfruit chips to send us on our way. I baked them rolls and chocolate cookies as a thank you. I wish we could adopt them as an extra set of grandparents. They were very sweet with Eloise. Tala gave her a bracelet, a bikini and grass skirt, head band and lots of smiles and cuddles (as much as Eloise would allow). The items were all made out of hibiscus fibers or another plant called ruakao.

More details later.

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