Sunday, November 21, 2010


Just thought I'd share a few photos.
I never thought I'd have to store my baby under the galley table with the bags of flour but that's actually been a really great place to prop her.  I can do my kitchen work and talk to her and keep an eye on her.  pretty soon, I'll need to place a barricade across the entrance but even then, it should be a great spot.

All in all, Eloise is still a very smiley girl  who likes people and gets quiet  and wide-eyed when we take her outside.  She's started reaching her arms out for things or people she wants.  She has warmed up very quickly to her Kiwi Nana and Papa, John and Annette.  She is still drooling and showing no teeth for all the effort.  We keep checking!
Here are a few pictures to show her in her daily life.