Monday, January 26, 2009

hi family

hi all.  <i´m sitting in an internet cafe in Golfito.  That´s why you´ll see weird punctuation marks.  please disregard.  I have 3 more hours until the bus leaves to go back to Pavones.  Let´s see, we left Golfito on Saturday despite the fact that our propane tank hadn´t been returned yet.  Brian was getting sick of what he calls the RV Park.  Since he was getting grumpier and grumpier and I was getting more and more business sewing sails and canvas for other cruisers, we headed 3 hours down the coast to Pavones.  Pavones is a well known surf destination and there´s a safe place to anchor.  We have escaped the RV Park mentality of sitting around discussing where you´ve been and not going anywhere and doing anything. 

This allowed us to traipse around a small small town, find a coconut on a beach, play in a river with cool water under green jungle trees, and play a game of checkers (I won) and see free ranging horses drinking ocean water (no kidding, i´ll  post the picture).  And most relieving of all, for Brian, he got to surf. 

However, I had to ride 2 hours on a jarring yellow school bus, get off, get on to a metal, rusty ferry, cross a river (only cost 10 cents) and get on to a different jarring yellow school bus for 30 more minutes.  After all that, I arrived in Golfito to discover that the propane truck didn´t come at all last week and so our tank is still empty.  GRRRR.  I guess we´ll be barbecuing a lot.

Tomorrow, we head for some Panamanian islands.  Allegedly some of the best cruising there is.  We´ll let you know.

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