Friday, December 5, 2008

Guatamalan waters

It's 9:06 am Dec 5 and we are 2.83 miles away from the Mexico-Guatamalan border. Hasn't been much wind so we've got 3 sails up and the engine running. Not much to report except that Puerto Madero has two enormous pyramid shaped volcanoes behind it. Other wise the landscape/seascape is flat with rolling hills.

We're over half-way! Approximately 243 miles left till we arrive at Barrillas marina in El Salvador. So far, since leaving Huatulco at 12:30am on Wednesday morning (the 2nd) we've travelled about 250 miles. We're eating well, reading books (Brian is reading two: Creature from Jekyll Island and The Brave Cowboy) I've finished reading Eat, Pray, Love and have re-read parts of Travelling Mercies (I love that book) and The Signature of Jesus. I've been working on Christmas presents and Brian has been doing small projects around the boat, only when he feels like it. It's a big break from the 5 weeks of straight out massive projects that preceded our departure.

The lazy jack system is working perfectly. Makes it easier to reef, un-reef, and drop the main sail.

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