Friday, March 21, 2008


I received this email from Megan on 3/19/08.

Hi people, we have left La Paz and are approximately
300 miles south east of where we were 54 hours ago.
We are anchored off of Isla Isabella which is about 85
miles south of Mazatlan. On our way down I saw a
whale leaping out of the water about 100 feet from me
and then a small whale lept and then lept a second
time. Never gets old. Then, I'm very excited, I saw
4 sea turtles in about a period of an hour. This has
been one of my goals and I didn't even recognize the
first two as turtles; I thought they were manta rays
resting at the surface. We would have put a ton of
pictures on the blog in La Paz but our computer was
"being repaired" and so for a while we had no
computer, then when we did it didn't work properly,
then we took it back and after that all of our
pictures were wiped clean in order to make the
computer work properly. I cried, I cursed. Then, two
days later, I decided to check out our back up hard
drive Dulac had given us. Miraculously, almost all of
the pictures were on that! I don't even remember doing
this. So, pictures are coming soon. We are getting
close to some surf spots and so Brian has been
researching good anchorages near good surf spots and
eagerly listening to the weather. Que te vaya bien!Megan

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