Saturday, January 26, 2008

back in the saddle (halfway)

Hi folks, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and
have hope for this coming year.
Brian and I have a sense of anticipation wondering
what opportunities God will open up for us this year.
Already, Brian is learning and preparing to work with
his best friend Sean on a computer appliance Sean has
created for small to medium businesses to manage
customer and human resources. Feel free to ask us
about it. Even though we haven't been in computer
industry before we can see how much more useful,
economical, and powerful it is than the systems we've
used in our various workplaces. In that light, Brian
is transitioning to a different land based email
address Our boat address
is the same.

Brian is in Abreojos eating abalone ceviche, lobster
etc. with our local friends. Poor fellow. He's also
replenishing fuel, water, and staple items on the boat
and taking the above mentioned locals out for sails.
It's such a warm, welcoming community that it will be
sad to leave. In fact, they don't have the kind of
poverty issues that mainland Mexico deals with so we
have saved most of the clothes and school supplies to
hand out when we get further south.

I will leave on Monday the 4th to fly to Loreto where
Brian will meet me YAY and we'll head back to Abreojos
and then head south. It's whale and baby season right
now and we'll be sailing through the exact best places
to see them. I"m looking forward to that.

At this point our plan is to continue south with
certain stops in La Paz Mexico and Zihuatenejo (around
March since that's a good time for surf), and on
toward Guatamala possibly arriving in Costa Rica for
the summer. During the summer we'll head back to the
US for more visiting, working, etc. Throughout all of
this we have our ears open for organizations and
children's programs where we can jump in and see what
they're doing and lend a hand.

Well thanks for all of your emails over the past
months. It is important to us to stay connected with
our friends!

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